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Smart Systems Automation

Site Monitoring

A multi-sensor network capable of monitoring, detecting and controlling access, backed by 24/7 Remote Monitoring with human operators and local dispatch teams.

- People

- Machines

- Systems

Fire Detection

Fires in technical installations are often caused by electrical faults and can have many reasons such as insulation faults, overcurrents or improper maintenance.


In most cases, such fires develop over a longer period of hours or days.


To detect fire, or "a creeping defect" at an early stage, a sensitively responding sensor system optimized for fire parameters is required. 

Thermal Image Sensor

Detect thermal hotspots and trasmit images for localization. High preventative effect, requires direct view of object.

Carbon Monoxide (C0)

Sensitive measurement of the CO content, from 50ppm. High preventative effect, requires direct view of object.

Air Quality (VOC)

Detects rapid changers or deterioration in air quality. High preventative effect, very early notification, requires direct view of object.

Temperature Heat Sensor

Measures the slope of the temperature rise and an upper threshold value (>60deg C). Important value for assessing the progress of fire, no direct line of sight required.

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