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Virtualization and Cloud Services

When we first came together to create our company in 2004, we knew that to succeed, our business had to be agile, responsive, flexible and resilient. We knew that we had to operate beyond physical constraints and remove physical obstacles that held us back. We wanted to be able to reach other and collaborate with one another no matter where or when.

So, we dumped our on-site server infrastructure and storage media that hosted data, emails, calendars, and other collaboration tools. We reduced administrator-managed and labor-intensive machines and moved nearly everything into the cloud.

As a result, our teams are fast, nimble, and productive. As technology has evolved, efficiency and collaboration has improved.

Today, we implemented the same method into nearly every customer environment to reduce resource dependency and increase productivity.

Business moves at a speed of light, your team should have the means and resources to do the same.

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